June 22, 2020

Age: About 1.5 months old

Size: Small (mixed breed) / Suitable as family dogs  

These puppies were rescued just in time! They were abandoned inside a swimming pool and were going to be poisoned by the residential management.

All of them were found skinny and malnourished, but now they are better. All of them get along well with children and other dogs.  

If you are seriously interest...

May 10, 2019

Monty is a sweet loving one year old boy who loves to cuddle and play. He was rescued in Minhang district where he had been abandoned. He is completely house broken, having not even one accident in his rescuer's home!

He is fully vaccinated and ready for his foster or forever loving home.

Monty is particularly sweet when you get home, he is always happy to see people and he hugs wi...

April 18, 2019

Before Christmas 2018 we found DianDian together with her sister in our compound. We could not find their mom and decided to take care of them.

DianDian is very playful, she has fun finding treats inside a ball and loves to cuddle. We really want to find a nice and responsible family for her.

Unfortunately we can't keep her as we already have 2 dogs.

If you are seriously interested...

March 6, 2019

Tingu is a 2 months old teddy dog who was abandoned and then almost euthanized because of CPV. Now he is completely healthy, and the rescuer is looking for a responsible and loving person to take him home. Tingu is playful, cuddly and energetic. He is also very smart and learns quickly.

If you are seriously interested in adopting Tingu, then please contact wechat ID: feilijia-ola


March 3, 2019

This Yorkshire doggy was rescued by a kind lady named Nina. If you are seriously interested in adopting this companion animal (providing a loving and permanent home), then please contact Nina at wechat ID: yangnina2157

Thank you!

Please remember that, if you want to adopt an animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities:  

1. Keeping pets is a commitment requiring constant atten...

February 14, 2019

These three rescued puppies are almost ready for adoption! Super energetic and playful, they love to play and cuddle!

They are all healthy and almost ready to be vaccinated (the need to be 2 months old to receive their first injection).

We are looking for responsible and committed adopters that will provide them with love and a safe forever home!

If you are seriously interested in a...

January 23, 2019

This is Sausage. He is a young male dog 6 months old, very friendy and warm! He likes to play a lot and he is looking for a home and love! We found Sausage abandoned in our compound's parking lot. It was raining and it was cold, so he was hiding scared between cars, and he ate some bad garbage that was causing him pain. We rescued Sausage, showered him, dewormed and vaccinated hi...

January 18, 2019

This is little Daisy. She was rescued almost 4 years ago from terrible conditions and she was adopted almost immediately. She had a family and they loved her very much. Everything was great for a few years until one of the oldest members of her adoptive family decided that a pet was no good  for them and life for Daisy suddenly changed. She had to be removed from her loving famil...

January 15, 2019

This is little Sanjiao! You can also call her Valentine, as she might have been born on February 14th 2018 and has the cutest heart-shaped white spot on her neck. This is her story: when I met her, she was living her life on an intersection, close to some compounds and a shopping mall. She was not alone, her older sister was taking good care of her and she could get some food fro...

January 14, 2019

The rescuers are desperately looking for a home for these two puppies (they already have two dogs and they cannot manage to have four).

These puppies were found on the street with no sign of their owner or mother dog. After 4 hours of waiting, the rescuers decided to take them to the veterinary hospital and do a full medical checkup. They are healthy and received already their fir...

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