November 8, 2019

To many people outside of China, it is still considered a country of dog eaters. It may surprise them to hear that China’s market for pets and pets-related goods has tripled in the last five years, projected to reach 214 billion RMB by 2022. While dog eating is still practiced in certain areas, the trend is not to cook them, but rather to pamper them exorbitantly. 

According to goumin.com — China’s largest pet information platform — as of 2018 there are 73.55 million urban pet owners in China, an...

September 18, 2019

There was something in the air that night … The lights were bright at INFERNO. Many historians argue as to the exact account of what happened, but they all agree on the following: the hot humid air was beckoning the fingers of many guitarists, and its challenge was met with ferocity. One after another came the warriors of air guitar, melting the faces of all who dared to bear witness. As if possessed by schizophrenic demons from hell, they shredded the shit out of guitars that no one would ever...

August 2, 2019

PPAR truly appreciates the support of fellow animal rescue groups, rescuers and animal-lovers to continue our work helping rescued cats and fostering compassion for animals among the general public. In this context, we want to give huge thanks to Waldo’s Friends from Australia and Ms. Mimi Tiu for contacting us and writing a lovely article about the PPAR Shelter.  

Waldo’s Friends is an online store designed to create awareness and raise funds for animal rescue through ethically produced goods th...

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