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Hello! My name is Alejandra Vasquez. Originally I am from Chile, where I was raised in an animal loving family. We always enjoyed nature and the company of several cats and dogs in our home, where they were an integral part of our family! I have been living in Shanghai since August 2007 and doing animal rescue since 2009. In Chile I worked as a lecturer at the University of Chile for several years, and here in Shanghai I work in an Investment Bank. All my free time goes to rescuing animals, attending to their medical needs and socialization, and to volunteering at PPAR. In Shanghai I have several cats, all of them rescued by me and to whom I love dearly. Along the years I have found many animals in distress, sick and/or injured and it has been a great satisfaction to give them the chance to recover their health, and to be happy and loved.

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Hi! My name is Wingsblue. I am from Xi'An and live in Shanghai since 1996. I had my very first kitten back in 2002. His name was Miemie. He brought us so much joy and I felt so sorry when he got lost on October 2003. I searched every corner in our community trying to find him day and night. It was the first time in my life I noticed so many cats wandering outside. I began to leave food for them every night since then. Though I have never seen my dear Miemie again, I believe he taught me something, leading me to face the reality of all the cats in need for help. I started to rescue cats since then and some of them still live with me. When PPAR was founded, I became a volunteer because I want to help more cats to find their caring homes. If you want to help stray animals, please join us!


Hi! I am Lara Butera and I am an American who has been living in Asia for the past five years and Shanghai for the past two. Making the most of my job as an educational consultant, I am trying to get younger generations involved by bringing students to the shelter. It has been great to see their transformations watching them become more comfortable and sympathetic after only a few trips! For anyone considering adopting or fostering, I can't recommend it enough! Time and love can make a world of difference to a stray. I rescued my kitten in Shanghai and, although I'll admit I had been hesitant about rescuing an animal abroad, it was absolutely love at first sight and my concerns instantly disappeared. Now I know that the cost of a cat can be low, there are many options to move your animal abroad, and there are always friends who are willing to help when you're away!

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Hi, this is Yifei sharing his feline story.  I am a traditional Chinese man with extraordinary love for cats, big or small, brave or scary, bright or stupid, ha ha … since they have been the best company in my life.  There are 3 “girls” living with me and my wife.  We found them on a highway, inside my car, and by a dumpster.  They are nice to us and friendly to each other. Okay, sometimes they are mean ... all right, I admit they fight all the time, but we just cannot stop loving them.  Joining in PPAR is my happiest experience in Shanghai.  I feel the warmth of a family and I am grateful to those who introduced me and encouraged me to give more and better love to these heavenly creatures.  I totally support PPAR, especially when privileged to hold and kiss one little pink paw and vow: at your service, your majesty!


Hi, my name is Cheryl Kennedy. I am a Canadian who has been traveling around the world and living in many different countries. Because of my love of animals I have inevitably ended up volunteering at different rescue organizations or rescuing animals on my own in many different countries, starting with Singapore in 1984 until 2017 with PPAR in Shanghai. I have had various cats and dogs I have personally rescued and adopted over the years. I can say from experience that in my family my animals have always been the first to adjust to a new country! Why? I believe it is because they are happy at home wherever their humans are. I will bring my pets anywhere we move because they are family! Currently I am living with my husband, my Singaporean cat Woody and my Kenyan cat Muffin. I will find a way to help those animals who aren't so fortunate as Woody and Muffin!

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Hi! My name is Ellen Wu. I am a local Shanghainese. I used to have a Samoyed dog, but unfortunately I had to give him for adoption to a friend of mine because of my mom's severe asthma. I was sad and felt sorry to do so. Then, one day, I saw the calendar of PPAR in my friend's office and I began to volunteer, helping to clean the shelter and playing with the cats on the weekends. During the last year I have been in charge of finding homes for rescued dogs that PPAR is trying to help. I am relieved that many dogs have found their forever homes. Also last year I adopted a hamster named Daisy. Alejandra found her agonizing, but after urgent medical care she got better and now she is with me. To live in peace with animals is my dream from childhood, now I am doing my best to make it a reality.


Hello!  I am Douglas Kobernick, a Canadian currently living and working in Shanghai. My professional life is based in the fashion industry. I crossed paths with PPAR when I was considering helping a stray puppy in my neighborhood. Introduced by a friend, an inquiring phone call to PPAR yielded a wealth of information. They took the time to understand the situation, provide the dos and don’ts, cultural and legal issues. They forwarded literature, contacts, including a fellow organization specializing in dogs. Growing up with dogs I never really had much experience with our feline friends, but one day volunteering at the PPAR shelter changed all that. It was a joy meeting such a variety of cat personalities: snuggle bugs that snoozed in your lap, athletes in full play mode, and also a few royal kitties demanding full admiration! I am currently fostering a sweet soul-eyed dog named Fritz, so full of love it’s difficult to judge who rescued who.

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Hi, my name is Kate Liu. I am a Chinese local resident and now doing volunteer works in PPAR. The first cat I have interest in was a really old lady cat in my high school, maybe she was not good looking: tabby color, messy hair and big bright green eyes. She may not being pretty, but she had a tender character. She never hissed to people even when the teacher drove her off the classroom. So I was interested in her and started to enjoy lunch break walks with her or brought her some snacks on weekends just in case she had nothing to eat. Compared to human beings, her life was just too short and with no real opportunities. What PPAR is trying to do is to offer a chance for the street cats and dogs, so that they can live a better life, which is exactly what I would like to do. Isn't that wonderful?

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