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Name: Pearl Age: 3.5 years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated and neutered His Story: Pearl is a lovely white kitty … white as the snow! He was found in a small sewer pipe besides a railway station when he was a baby. He cried very loud asking for help and luckily the little kitten was found by a rescuer. Pearl was saved and settled at the PPAR shelter. As Pearl was such a cute kitten, he was adopted very fast. However, last month the adopter contacted PPAR and said she was unable to keep Pearl anymore, so Pearl was returned to the shelter after three years ...

Pearl gets along very well with other cats, and is friendly to people and children. We know he can be a very good member to a loving family.

If you are willing to give Pearl a loving home, please contact us at:

Please notice that all potential adopters need to contact PPAR by email first.

If they agree on PPAR's adoption requirements, then PPAR will arrange a visit for them at the shelter to meet all the adoptable cats and kittens (generally during weekends).

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