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Name: Yaya Age: About 7 months old

Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, and vaccinated. He will be neutered soon.

His Story: Yaya is a cute and healthy boy with white and grey fur. “Yaya” means quiet in Chinese and it is exactly how this cute little boy was when rescuers saved his life from being run over by cars. Since that time, Yaya shows plenty of trust in people and looks for every single opportunity to have fun with the people around him.

During the time living at the PPAR shelter, Yaya has received very good care. He has become a strong and sunny lad with its calm nature unchanged. However, many times when Yaya plays with PPAR volunteers or visitors, we can see in his eyes the reluctance to be left alone and understand that Yaya is longing for a family of his own.

If you are willing to give Yaya a loving home, please contact us at: ppar_sh@163.com

Please notice that all potential adopters need to contact PPAR by email first.

If they agree on PPAR's adoption requirements, then PPAR will arrange a visit for them at the shelter to meet all the adoptable cats and kittens (generally during weekends).