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Cotton, Ball and Tender

Most probably many rescuers and animal lovers in the city of Shanghai are familiar with the “600 Cats in Putuo Incident” that occurred on 2013. This is the story of 3 of the cats rescued in that incident (Cotton, Ball and Tender), who were blessed to be rescued, adopted and then sent to Germany on May 26th, 2014 … where they started a new wonderful life!

The notorious “600 Cats in Putuo Incident” happened specifically on November 21st, 2013, attracting plenty of public attention when animal rescue volunteers from Shanghai stopped a truck filled with 600 illegally-caught cats. Fortunately, all the cats got rescued after 14 hours, and they were taken by different animal rescue groups and kindhearted rescuers coming from all around the city. PPAR took 10 of those rescued cats, whom received medical care and then were sent to the PPAR Shelter to live safely until they could go to their loving homes. Meanwhile these rescued cats were staying in the PPAR Shelter the organization called TACN (Together for Animals in China) contacted PPAR to discuss the idea of sending some of those kitties to Germany, where they could be offered a much better life. We analyze and agreed to the proposal and then, with plenty of joint effort, we were finally able to make it happen for 3 of them.

The whole process of exportation to Europe was long, strict and time-consuming. Those rescued cats had their microchips implanted and official rabies vaccinations first, then we had to work on the rabies antibody test report. This transnational adoption meant a lot, not only to the kitties, but also to all of us at PPAR. We believe that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law, so the chance for them of going to Europe to start anew was something that we really wanted to accomplish.

Pudong International Airport: Eva and her boyfriend took over these three kids from Bel (volunteer).

Munich Airport: Ball’s adopter picked up her baby and smiled happily.

Ball enjoying the life in Munich!

We really appreciate all the support we received when we were trying to save these cats. Their life became completely different for the better because of good people’s kindness!

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