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Josefina and Luna

Name: Josefina and Luna

Age: Josefina is approx. 1-2 years old, and Luna is approx. 3 months old.

Gender: Both female Health: Josefina has been vaccinated and spayed. Luna will be vaccinated soon. Josefina is an adult female cat that was found abandoned during the last Chinese New Year inside a residential building. It took several days to catch her as she was terrified, starving, hiding and moving in the apartment complex stairwell. She was finally rescued on February 23, being abandoned and quite scared. Josefina is a very sweet cat, and was found wearing a collar and had no fleas (indicating very clearly that she had a home before). Josefina was quite traumatized by the way in which she was abandoned and the many days that she was lost inside the building, without anything to eat and not knowing why her owner left her like that, but slowly she is regaining her confidence. Several weeks later, on April 4, a 4 weeks old female kitten was found and rescued by the foster mom of Josefina. When Josefina and the baby met each other, it was love at first sight. Josefina started to nurse baby Luna, taking care of her as if she was her own baby. The two are inseparable now, and looking for a loving home together. They are both very loving and playful!

If you are seriously interested in adopting them together please send an e-mail to: ppar_sh@163.com

Please notice that all potential adopters need to contact PPAR by email first.

If they agree on PPAR's adoption requirements, then PPAR will arrange a visit for them at the shelter to meet all the adoptable cats and kittens (generally during weekends).