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Thank you Zara Bershka H&M!

PPAR greatly appreciates the support of animal-lovers to continue our work helping rescued companion animals as well as fostering compassion for animals among the general public. In this context, we want to give huge thanks to “Zara Bershka H&M” for their kind donation to the PPAR Shelter.

This donation came as a result of the “Zara Bershka H&M” charity campaign (launched on December 2018), that raised funds that were donated in equal parts to 2 non-profit charities: PPAR and Heart to Heart.

Zara Bershka H&M is an account created to help you buy from brands such as Zara, Bershka, H&M, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius and others, cheaper than in the store. This is not an online-shop, it is a service! “Zara Bershka H&M” works with factories and warehouses, from where all the clothes fall on the shelves, so it has a wide range of models of the latest collections. You can also individually ask if you would like to find any specific model from a particular brand. “Zara Bershka H&M” has a rather large assortment, and in the near future it will be on Taobao too, so that it will be even easier for you to buy the garments, shoes or accessories you like.

During 3 months of work, “Zara Bershka H&M” took more than 400 orders and received more than 200 reviews. “Zara Bershka H&M” is trusted by a huge number of clients, who always come back to our account.

For more information please contact Wechat ID: siberia_gold