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This is little Daisy. She was rescued almost 4 years ago from terrible conditions and she was adopted almost immediately. She had a family and they loved her very much. Everything was great for a few years until one of the oldest members of her adoptive family decided that a pet was no good for them and life for Daisy suddenly changed. She had to be removed from her loving family and returned to her rescuer as they could not keep her anymore. Daisy is currently being fostered by a Canadian couple who are good friends of her rescuer, but she would desperately love to find a new family to share her love with. She is a lovely dog, and she has all her vaccinations up to date and has been sterilized. She is very well house trained and well behaved, with lots of affection, loyalty, and patience for someone who can show her the same. If you or someone you know can make room in their heart and home for Daisy, you will find a true friend. Thank you!

If you are seriously interested in adopting Daisy, then please contact wechat ID: keepyourchinup88 Please remember that, if you want to adopt an animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities: 1. Keeping pets is a commitment requiring constant attention and care. In return for their devotion, owners are ensured periods of happiness with pets. But if you are not ready for the long term commitment, do not adopt. 2. Animals need love, regular healthy feeding, and periodic visits to the Vet.

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