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Name: Pipi

Age: About 5 months old

Gender: Male

Health: Treated for fleas and worms, and vaccinated.

His Story: Pipi is a lovely male kitten with white and golden fur coat. The rescuer found Pipi alone at a parking lot. At that time, Pipi was about 2 months old, and he was very thin and weak. We do not know how Pipi appeared at the parking lot … maybe he was abandoned there, maybe he was brought by a car from somewhere else in the city. As you can imagine, Pipi was very scared and hungry, but luckily he was saved in time before something worst could happen. The rescuer sent Pipi to the veterinary hospital to have a medical checkup and, fortunately, Pipi was a healthy kitten (just a little bit weak at that time).

Now, Pipi is an energetic and cute baby boy. He gets along well with other kitties at the PPAR Shelter and is ready to be adopted.

If you are willing to give little Pipi a loving and permanent home, please contact us at:

Please notice that all potential adopters need to contact PPAR by email first. If they agree on PPAR's adoption requirements, then PPAR will arrange a visit for them at the shelter to meet all the adoptable cats and kittens.

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