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A Warm Christmas for Stray Cats & Dogs

According to statistics, the average life span of stray cats is less than three years, while the average life span of stray dogs is even less than half a year.

To help more stray dogs and cats, together with the PPAR Shelter and 107 Shelter, iBottle will launch "A Warm Christmas for Stray Cats & Dogs" campaign: recycling used cosmetics bottles while donating food for stray animals to help them survive this winter.

From Monday Dec. 21 until Dec. 31; 24:00 hrs.

Register online in the iBottle wechat mini-program, recycle used cosmetics bottle, and then you will be able to donate to two non-profit animal rescue shelters:

1 bottle= 20 grams of dog and cat food

Green recycling of used cosmetic bottles cannot only prevent empty bottles from flowing into the second-hand fake goods market, but also save resources and protect the environment!

How to participate:

Online bottle delivery process:

- Scan QR code into iBottle mini-program

- Click "I want to participate" and upload photos of empty bottles (take photos one by one)

- Make an appointment for door-to-door express (no need to pay the express fee)

- The total amount of donation is counted after the collection

Note: There is no limit on the brand or size of the bottle; 5 bottles at least for one package.

Support environmental protection, and help for love!

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