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Keep your pets safe with artificial flowers

As a pet owner, you probably already know how hard it is to avoid your pets chewing and playing with whatever they can get their paws on. Obviously, most people wouldn’t want their pets to eat anything toxic, but who knows what happens when you turn your back?

Adding a splash of fresh greenery always creates a finishing touch to home decor and while living houseplants can help cleanse and purify your air, there are several species of flora that can be highly detrimental to Fido and Fluffy. In fact, there are several popular florals that can cause very serious - even fatal! - health issues to your beloved dog or cat. Beautiful lilies and blooming hydrangea are among those.

And while some may just cause a little bit of irritation, some poisonous plants can cause kidney failure and even claim the life of your best friend. Because it’s always best to err on the careful side of precaution, why not just substitute those hazards and potentially toxic threats from your four-legged friend with a fake and artificial plant!

Gone are the days of tacky looking faux plants from childhood. Remember the ones at grandma’s house during the holidays? We do. Artificial plants have evolved since those days through modern manufacturing and technology to become so lifelike that they’re no longer taboo. Ranging in size from large artificial plants, midsize, small, and mini, incorporating artificial indoor plants is a great way to cultivate that designer look effortlessly.

If you're interested in switching to gorgeous and harmless florals and greenery that will undoubtedly get your pet's seal of approval The Flower Wall Company is here to help!

Better yet, by switching to our real-touch artificial floral arrangements you will be helping our wonderful friends from the non-profit animal rescue group Paw Pals Animal Rescue – PPAR, as 10% of each purchase will be donated directly to them!

Looking for a way to spruce up your living space and help the community? Browse our catalogue and get a beautiful non-toxic piece from us today!

NOTE: This special charity promotion in support of PPAR is valid until January 17, 2021. Thank you!

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