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Please give these rescued cats a chance / PPAR Shelter / Non-profit

Sadly the cat shelter of Paw Pals Animal Rescue - PPAR is about to close, and our rescued cats need to find forever loving homes.

Please check the pictures of some of our cats here, and if you are interested in adopting please contact us at:

All our rescued cats have received parasite control, are vaccinated and sterilized.

PPAR adoption process:

Send us an email --> Fill in the application form --> Volunteer online preliminary screening --> Visit to the shelter --> Confirm adoption --> Prepare cat supplies for your adopted kitty --> Us sending the adopted cat to your home and sign adoption agreement

If our cannot adopt you can also help us with the following:

1) Promoting adoption by spreading our rescued cats' information, and recommending friends to adopt.

2) Providing foster family opportunities for weak or older cats, as we will establish a sponsorship fund (sponsorship group). If you are interested in fostering please contact us.

3) Friends who are willing to assist with sponsorship for a long time after our cat shelter is closed.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Thank you!

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