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"PPAR Volunteer Story" at Campus and City Radio 94.4

On Friday Dec. 18 our volunteer Alejandra Vasquez Delama was interviewed by Lettice Wigby, for the radio program "Volunteer Stories" of Campus and City Radio 94.4 (Austrian radio station). The interview was online via the radio station's website the night of Thursday Dec. 24, and it will be saved online via the Cultural Broadcasting Archive.

Past episodes have covered a broad range of topics including: veganism, international development, and the Olympic Games.

Below is the information needed to listen to the show live!


Title of the show: Volunteer Stories

Date: Thursday 24th December, 2020  

Time: 11pm-12am, China time (4pm-5pm, Austria time)


The radio station has already published a news story about this PPAR episode, and you can see it here:

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