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Event: Lifessence Market Venue: Oriental Fisherman's Wharf Dates: Sunday Oct.1 - Thursday Oct. 5 As one of the most important parts of the grand opening of Oriental Fisherman's Wharf, Lifessence has been invited to organize the Lifessence outdoor food market. This market is not just about bringing you delicious food during the October holiday, but also to explore a new way of enjoying urban life and to connect with various charities. The market will have 24 F&B vendors, 1 booth dedicated to Shanghai's charities thanks to the support of Pawsome, 3 interactive activities, and 1 photo booth. The charities and social entrepreneurship companies present at this event will be: Pawsome, Feibao, He


Name: Band DOB or Age: Approx. 1 year old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and neutered His Story: Band is a golden tabby kitty, a truly smart and lovely boy, but a little bit shy. He was dumped on an elevated highway by animal abusers when he was just a small kitten. Fortunately, the rescuer found and rescued him that day. The rescuer sent Band to the veterinary doctor for a medical checkup and luckily Band was not injured and was a healthy kitten. Now, Band is already grown up and has become a very handsome golden boy. He gets along well with other cats at the shelter too! To be happy Band needs a patient adopter who has experience with shy kitties. As all