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Commune Market

Due to rain on Mother's Day weekend ~ Commune Market has been rescheduled to May 19th-20th at Yong Ping Lane, Saturday & Sunday, from 11am until 6pm. Stroll through the charming lane streets from Hengshan Lu to Yongjia Lu, where you will find a mix of the city's best local designers, art, unique retail, international culture, local charities (PPAR and Heart to Heart), popular local gourmands, craft beer and delicious cocktails! Some of Shanghai's rock star chefs will be cooking up delicious food for us all! Eduardo Vargas from COLCA, Arnaud from Au Beurre Salé, Pascal from Styx, the Moody Tongue boys, GARLIC with Turkish grilled meats and veggies, charming àCôté and their Belgium beer, orga


Name: Yaya Age: About 7 months old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, and vaccinated. He will be neutered soon. His Story: Yaya is a cute and healthy boy with white and grey fur. “Yaya” means quiet in Chinese and it is exactly how this cute little boy was when rescuers saved his life from being run over by cars. Since that time, Yaya shows plenty of trust in people and looks for every single opportunity to have fun with the people around him. During the time living at the PPAR shelter, Yaya has received very good care. He has become a strong and sunny lad with its calm nature unchanged. However, many times when Yaya plays with PPAR volunteers or visitors, we can see in his e

Ji Ji

Name: Ji Ji Age: About two years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and neutered. His Story: Ji Ji was rescued in a rainy day when he was just a little baby. The rescuer heard a kitten was crying in the brushes that day. She searched and search until finally she found the baby cat. The rescuer took care of Ji Ji at her home for some time and, when Ji Ji was about four months old, the rescuer sent him to the PPAR Shelter. Since then we want to find a permanent loving home for him! Maybe Ji Ji looks like a common kitty, but people do not know that he is a kitty with an amazing character: he is very friendly to people and other cats, quiet and healthy, and h


Name: Pearl Age: 3.5 years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated and neutered His Story: Pearl is a lovely white kitty … white as the snow! He was found in a small sewer pipe besides a railway station when he was a baby. He cried very loud asking for help and luckily the little kitten was found by a rescuer. Pearl was saved and settled at the PPAR shelter. As Pearl was such a cute kitten, he was adopted very fast. However, last month the adopter contacted PPAR and said she was unable to keep Pearl anymore, so Pearl was returned to the shelter after three years ... Pearl gets along very well with other cats, and is friendly to people and children. We know he c


Name: Bob Age: 1 year old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and neutered. His Story: Bob is an orange kitty with white nose, chest and paws. He is a playful and affectionate boy, and loves people very much. He also gets along very well with other kitties. Bob was found last spring when he was just a baby kitten. Bob and his sister were abandoned in a garbage can but, fortunately, they were found and saved in time by the Ayi of the PPAR shelter. Our Ayi fed both with kitten formula and took care of them for about 8 weeks until the two siblings were strong enough and could live independently. Now Bob is a handsome and healthy young boy and he is waiting fo


Name: Smile Age: About 6 months old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, and vaccinated His Story: Little Smile is a gentle and lovely boy. Smile was hit by car when he was a small baby. Fortunately, Smile was rescued and sent to the Veterinary Hospital for treatment on time, and he finally survived. However, one of his legs got some permanent damage. Smile can live like any normal kitty and he can walk normally, but he cannot jump high. He gets along well with other kitties, is very friendly to people and likes playing with children. We believe little Smile will be an excellent family member for whoever wants to have a lovely kitty around. Smile will not ask for more th

Fourth Annual China Adoption Day

Event: Fourth Annual China Adoption Day Date: April 22, 2018 During Earth Day 44 cities across China will hold the Fourth Annual China Adoption Day event at the same time! In Shanghai this event will be celebrated in CAMP3399 at the West Bund. Famous actress Sun Li will be coming to the scene and will be waiting for you! This is an unprecedented adoption party, a happy event for stray animals and people! … and of course, it would be even better if you could give a homeless animal a forever caring home. Please join us! Venue: CAMP3399. Longteng Avenue No.3399, Xuhui District, Shanghai Metro: Middle Longhua Road subway station (Line 7 and 12)