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Cotton, Ball and Tender

Most probably many rescuers and animal lovers in the city of Shanghai are familiar with the “600 Cats in Putuo Incident” that occurred on 2013. This is the story of 3 of the cats rescued in that incident (Cotton, Ball and Tender), who were blessed to be rescued, adopted and then sent to Germany on May 26th, 2014 … where they started a new wonderful life! The notorious “600 Cats in Putuo Incident” happened specifically on November 21st, 2013, attracting plenty of public attention when animal rescue volunteers from Shanghai stopped a truck filled with 600 illegally-caught cats. Fortunately, all the cats got rescued after 14 hours, and they were taken by different animal rescue groups and kindh


Name: Qiu Age: 7 years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and neutered. Ideal Home: Qiu is extremely a cute and affectionate cat. He is kind to children, likes the company of people and also gets along with other cats. Qiu is an ideal pet for a family eager for an “equal opportunity” kitty friend. His Story: The rescuer saved Qiu from an underground platform of the Shanghai subway in the Autumn of 2010. At that time, Qiu was only about 2 months and he was very lucky in not having any accident inside the subway station. Qiu has been growing in the PPAR Shelter ever since he was rescued. He is always a very happy and lovely cat … like sunshine in Spring! Howev


Name: Hwang Age: About 4 years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and neutered. His story: Hwang is a three-year-old boy with cute round eyes, a very enigmatic smile and silky white whiskers. He has been living at the PPAR Shelter for a long time already. Hwang is a very active and cute kitty, and loves to play with the volunteers who help socialize cats at the shelter. Sometimes he can be naughty, but he is well-behaved most of the time. Hwang used to be a stray cat in the Birds & Flowers Market, and nobody knows any details about his past. Luckily he encountered his rescuer and was taken to safety in the PPAR Shelter. We do not know why such a lovely cat as H

Da Da

Name: Da Da Age: About 3 years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated and sterilized. His story: Da Da, the longhair handsome boy, was rescued when he was a baby. He is a bit shy, but loves to be cuddled and petted once he is familiar with you. He is always craving for can food! If you want to take him home, then offer him canned food with love! Da Da needs an adopter who has experience having kitties before and who can patiently wait for Da Da to feel comfortable and relaxed in his new home. If you are willing to give Da Da a loving home, please contact us at: Please notice that all potential adopters need to contact PPAR by email first. If they agr


Name: Narnia Age: About 1 year old Gender: Female Health: Treated for fleas and worms, and vaccinated. Her Story: Narnia is a three-color female kitten, with a round face, pink nose and beautiful big eyes. Narnia lived in a compound and every time the rescuer was feeding stray cats in that compound, Narnia was always following the rescuer and seeing her off at home. As the compound was not safe place, and stray cats often disappeared suddenly, the rescuer decided to help Narnia to find a home. Like in many other cases, Narnia is a furry baby that loves people too much and is not aware of the danger that some few people might represent. Now Narnia is living at the PPAR Shelter and waiting to

Pang Pang

Name: Pang Pang Age: About 3 years old Gender: Male Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and neutered. His Story: Pang Pang was saved from a cat truck. Pang Pang was very scared when volunteers saved him, but luckily he was healthy and was put to safety (he certainly could have been killed in the most horrendous way and eaten if the truck had reached its destiny). After a throughout medical checkup, Pang Pang was sent to the PPAR Shelter. However, he got serious case of cat flu soon after. Fortunately, under the good care of the vet doctor and our shelter’s Ayi, Pang Pang finally recovered. Now, Pang Pang is a healthy kitty and he even looks a little fat. He is a quiet and handso

Harry and Potter

The story of dog brothers Harry and Potter shows to everyone the true meaning of a second chance. Harry and Potter came to live in the PPAR Shelter the summer of 2016 when they were just small puppies. Sadly, they were abandoned by their previous owners and were almost caught by dog catchers in Minhang district. The Ayi of our shelter took them inside to keep them safe, even though our shelter is a sanctuary for cats. Soon after their rescue they were both check by a vet doctor, received parasite control, were vaccinated and in time they were sterilized. Since the beginning they were both very cute, but they had different characteristics. Harry is vivacious while Potter is more quiet. These

Cat Adoption Day / Saturday May 5

PPAR X LITTLE FLUFFY x TA are holding this cat adoption event from 12:00~18:00 hrs. We will have the following activities 1) Teaching origami to kids (aged above 8 years old). 2) Cartoonist Wu Miao will bring and sign his new comic book "Mike and the Baby". 3) A lecture on cat urinary health, sponsored by Royal Canin. 4) One experienced rescuer will share her story on how to be a good foster parent. All these activities will be in Chinese and appointment is required. All adoption inquiries will be bilingual. Venue: LITTLE FLUFFY. Wuding Road 550, Room 101, Jing'An district. Metro: Changping road subway station, Line 7, Exit 2.